If you’re searching for meaning, you found it.

Having the daily opportunity to be part of something bigger than just yourself can be a pretty rewarding feeling. Way too many people go to work every day and don’t get to experience that level of satisfaction. KSV has plenty of that to go around. Because everything we do is filled with a purpose. And that’s enough to fill us up with all types of good stuff.

We are always searching for stars. We like the ones that greet the night sky first. The two or three with that extra sparkle. Are you one of them?

Senior Account Manager

We are seeking an experienced account manager to oversee the strategic marketing efforts for one of our B2B energy clients in the northeast. Account Managers are responsible for managing, building and maintaining mutually beneficial and high-value relationships with clients, with primary focus consistently placed upon: supporting, promoting and executing KSV’s belief that each project, no matter how tactical it may appear, is a strategic opportunity. To be successful in this role you must be a delightful human being and organization and problem solving embedded in your DNA.

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