Hunger Free Vermont & Vermont Foodbank

Food Insecurity Looks Like Any One of Us.

Vermont residents of all walks of life are unaware that they may qualify for the 3SquaresVT food assistance program. Currently 1 in 4 Vermonters qualify, and enrollment is not reflective of that number.

Our challenge was to increase program awareness while shattering the stigma around food assistance.

Our solution was to show Vermont residents what food insecurity really looks like: any of us. Our campaign features two different hands holding a piece of food, from the perspective of the viewer about to take a bite. The two different hands are reflective of the variety of folks suffering from food insecurity across the state. Different ages, different races, different economic hardship giving the viewer a moment to pause and providing our chance to deliver needed information.

Full-spread ads were featured in newspapers throughout the state, selected to reach a very specific and often rural target. Additionally, the holistic campaign included television, radio, digital, and PR.

Awareness and program enrollment increased, and the campaign has been picked up in the national press.

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