Mass Save

Life. Under a Heat Pump.

Too many HVAC replacement decisions get made at the time of failure. Out of necessity, consumers default to the easier, less expensive choice and replace what they already have with a similar system. If only more Massachusetts residents were aware of heat pumps—the better way to heat and cool….

The Sponsors of Mass Save challenged KSV to help increase awareness of heat pump systems to empower a more informed choice at the time of HVAC replacement. Essentially, we were asked to shout “HEAT PUMPS!” from the rooftops. And that’s exactly what we did.  

Our extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts OOH environment allowed us to stake claim on prime real estate across the state. But even the most strategically sound placements need to win the attention of our audience to get results. To earn those eyes, the creative executions unexpectedly pair one-word headlines with contradictory images. Or so it seemed….

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