Put Energy to Work.

Clean energy technology—your newest business partner.
New York approved one of the world’s most ambitious climate change plans, pledging to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In order to meet these goals and help reverse the effects of climate change, large commercial and industrial enterprises throughout the state present us with a giant opportunity to move the colossal needle.

Most key decision makers within these organizations look at energy as just another cost that needs to be managed. The goal of this campaign was to shift that perception by promoting the benefits of energy-saving solutions. That’s why we introduced clean energy technology as their newest business partner. After all, no one ever said the smartest one in the room couldn’t be the room. Or that one of your biggest assets had to be on the payroll.

This fully integrated campaign was designed to maximize savings per business and began with a KSV-led workshop across all commercial and industrial program teams at NYSERDA to develop program maps and customer paths.

A messaging strategy was developed outlining how to communicate NYSERDA’s commercial and industrial offerings—from the broadest awareness level to the individual energy-saving solution—and a channel audit was conducted, resulting in the development of a streamlined channel strategy considerate of the entire customer journey, including a newly developed responsive website, where customers could access the breadth of solutions available to their business.

Campaign success was measured through a pre-, during, and post-awareness survey measuring intent to research energy-saving solutions mentioned in the campaign.

The result? Increases were seen across all areas, most notably:

  • 15% increase in likelihood to research proactive energy management
  • 22% increase in likelihood to research smart building technologies

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