Women of Digital Mars

In 2021, Women of Digital Mars (WODM), an associate resource group created by Mars, Inc. employees, was established to close the leadership gender gap and disparity in the digital tech world. WODM strives to support and enhance career development and gender-inclusivity. They offer mentorship opportunities, coaching, and advocacy to empower women and increase their access to leadership roles. But without a structured marketing plan or collateral, a cohesive brand, or vibrant storytelling, WODM members felt empty-handed to tackle their mission, like warriors going into battle without any weapons. WODM asked KSV to help solidify their brand messaging and tell their story in a clear, thorough, and impactful way. They wanted a dynamic rebrand, design toolkit, and materials for every member to carry–something cohesive, consistent, and bold. To achieve the goal of amplifying and growing their messaging and equip WODM members with a substantial arsenal of tools, KSV created four different deliverables:
  1. Brand Story – an all-encompassing brand story, image, logos, website content, landing pages, a digital blueprint, and a calling card.
  2. Social Media Toolkit – including best practices for social media, focusing primarily on LinkedIn, a bucketful of content, ideas, and sample social media posts.
  3. Social Media Strategy – including a solid brand-building strategy centered on three pillars: Show, Flow, and Grow – and how to use social media to share their work, recruit new members, and tell their stories.
  4. Design & Branding – a digital design deck PowerPoint that members could share to increase their visibility and show and tell WODM’s story.

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