American Forest Foundation

Restoring hope for future generations.

More than 290 million acres of U.S. forests are owned by families. Only 20% of these landowners—many of whom inherited their land—have ever received formal advice from a forester. The American Forest Foundation (AFF) helps educate and advocate for foresters so they can care for the land we all depend upon for clean air and water.

In the midst of a giving season like never before, AFF was on the hunt for both the environmental advocates who have long embraced sustainable brands and the weekend hikers and bikers. Basically, the target audience is anyone who ever gave a sh*t about the environment.

To help AFF tell their story, in partnership with London-based mixed media artist Chris Kenny, KSV used twig stick figures to illustrate the profound connection humans have with trees. And the immense danger facing both. Reminding viewers that the single greatest challenge of our time is our rapidly changing climate. Deeply dependent on each other, consumers are told that the single greatest solution to climate change is caring for our forests.


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