National Grid

A better home is in your hands.

The most touching campaign ever.
Every second of every day, millions of homes across the Northeast are losing energy, costing residents money and unknowingly increasing their carbon footprint. National Grid wanted to bring the consequences of all that energy and money loss closer to home. Because if people really understood how their home’s leaks and cracks affect their wallet and the planet, chances are they’d do something about it.

Our solution? To make the invisible, visible. And put a spotlight on the problem areas where most home energy loss occurs. This was brought to life through an interactive experience that was integrated into every viable touchpoint in the greater Boston area. Thanks to our friend, Science, even the print ad was interactive. Commuters were left entertained, informed, and taking action.

This was a win-win for people and the planet.

107 million impressions and 4,725 on-screen interactions achieving 119% of annual energy savings goals.


2019 Boston Area Interactive Bus Shelter Takeover


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