National Grid

Humankind always finds a way.

Creating innovative solutions to planet-ending problems.
National Grid is an international utility committed to investing in energy solutions that ensure a better, more sustainable future. But while they were spending massive amounts of time and resources honoring their commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, their customers simply weren’t making the sustainability connection.

So, we leaned in to what humans do best. We face giant challenges and find a way to prevail. National Grid stood behind a simple message of hope and optimism. A call to take on the impossible and win. Because if we can walk on the moon, cure diseases, and climb the world’s highest mountains, we can collectively change the world with clean energy solutions.

At the end of the day, tomorrow another will undoubtedly rise. And climate change is just one more giant obstacle humankind will overcome. After over 4 million completed views, customers were left aware of and feeling good about National Grid’s efforts to combat climate change.

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