Sunsoil CBD

Organic roots.

Transparent from the ground up.
Sunsoil hangs their hat on processes that can be traced back to their farms and lab. Which is more than they can say for most other CBD brands. Because most CBD brands have something to hide. Like lower standards. And bad craftsmanship. Sunsoil is proud to grow and extract their CBD the right way.

So how did we help Sunsoil distinguish their brand of premium products from all those others? Easy. We told the truth.

Chosen for its nutrient-rich Green Mountain soil, Sunsoil CBD was founded in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Every seedling is grown organically from the ground up and harvested by hand.

As it turns out, all we had to do was tell their story. Because unlike many others, the Sunsoil story is worth telling. Then came the hardest part. Reaching our audience effectively. With the mountain of advertising restrictions placed on the industry, any channel that most brands would include in their channel strategy was off-limits. A little bit of scrap and some elbow grease later, awareness increased by 50%, and purchase intent increased by 38%.

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